Friday, September 18, 2015

Found poetry postcards - hosted by Christie - due October 19th

Hooray!  Another brave soul wants to host a swap!
 Christie is volunteering to host this time and she has selected "found poetry" as her theme.
What is found poetry?
Single words and short phrases of text, cut from a variety of sources and arranged in any way that pleases you, to create a sort of poem.
(define poem however you wish)
Here's one made by Christie herself when we did this theme for MMSA back in early 2014.
How to use this in a postcard?
Create a background in any style you like, using any techniques and supplies you like.  Cut out actual text  (no fair composing something yourself and printing it out on the computer or incorporating your own words into digital art) and adhere it to your background.

Alternately,  use a single page of text and cover up most of it, leaving only a few words or phrases exposed, so that those words/phrases create a poem.   Like this one from Lynn....

Christie invites you to create up to four found poetry postcards. Create in any style you want, using any media you want, but make sure to include some printed text found in a magazine, book, flyer, etc. Postcards will be mailed to partners "naked" (without an envelope) so don't put anything too crazy/lumpy on them.

Since Christie is the guest host you will be mailing all your items to her.  Cards must be sent by October 12thHer mailing address is:

Christie Juhasz
3252 Vinoy Place
Sarasota, FL  34239


Don’t forget the new postage rate for postcards is $.35, and your card has to be no larger than 4"x6" to use a postcard stamp.  Please measure your cards.  Postcards may not be delivered if they don't have enough postage.  If your card is bigger than 4"x6" you'll need a "forever" stamp.
Have fun, and let me (Karen) know if you're interested in hosting a future swap.

Swap details:
  • You may submit as many as four cards (you will get back the same number you send, each from a different artist) 
  • Include a mailing label with your name and address for each card you create
    (I will attach them to the cards I mail back to you)
  • Please attach the proper postage to your postcard (see below for postal guidelines).  If you don’t have any stamps and it’s difficult for you to get some, go ahead and send money instead.  You can stick cash in the envelope. (sorry, can't take paypal payments this time)
  • if you're sending more than one, please make sure you insert waxed paper or parchment in between the cards so they don't get stuck together in the envelope
  • Write “MMSA Found Poetry” on the back of your card to remind your recipient why they are receiving this wonderful work of art in the mail
  • I highly suggest you write your return address on the back of the postcard (in case of postal delivery problems) and your email address so the recipient can thank you.   
  • A note for your partner on the left side of the postcard is a nice touch.
  • Leave the right side of the postcard blank (the part where the address goes)
Postage and Card Size
You are welcome to make any size postcard you want, but please pay attention to the following postal guidelines
  • In order to use the postcard rate ($.35) your card cannot be bigger than 4 x 6 inches, and it must be thin and flexible.  A 4x6 card that is thick, lumpy or doesn't bend, needs more postage.  Keep in mind, if you have the old hummingbird, or apple or aloha stamps, you will need to add either a $.01 or $.02 or $.03 stamp to equal the current postcard rate.  

  • If your card is a rectangle bigger than a postcard, but still flat and flexible, a regular "forever" ($.49 ) stamp is what you need. 
  • If your card is an unusual shape (square, round, house shaped) or is flexible but has some lumpy embellishments it will probably cost you the "non machinable" rate of $.71
  • If your card doesn't bend at all, the post office considers it a package and you should go get it weighed to figure out the proper postage.
You can find all the postal specifications (and a handy postage calculator) here:

Mail your cards no later than October 19th to: 
Christie Juhasz
3252 Vinoy Place
Sarasota, FL  34239

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