Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blue Valentines (Single-Layer) Swap - Send to Host by January 30th

Remember those Valentine-making days when you would pull out paper doilies, construction paper, scissors and glue?  After an hour of cut-and-paste, you would have a stack of simple heart valentines for your friends.  They would be dropped into the decorated shoe box on the teacher's desk, and on the big day, they were distributed

This SIngle-Layer (Not Folded) Paper-On-Paper, Mainly Solid Color Collage swap, hosted by Joanne, recalls those simple grade school days but with a twist: Valentines will be 3-inches square.  And instead of the traditional red, pink and white theme, these will have a blue theme.  Valentines should start with a solid blue paper background, although some white, black or patterned paper is fine as an accent.  Remember that even Picasso had his blue period!

Don't overthink it or fuss about perfection. Keep it simple and fun, fast and easy like it was when you were seven years old.  Each participant will make 
8 (eight) single-layer (not folded) BLUE VALENTINES. 

This is is a good time to dig into your stash of cardstock, scrapbook papers and specialty papers (mulberry papers, etc.). You can use paper punches, fancy scissors, blue paints, colored pencils, or gel pens.  Doilies are allowed.

PLEASE:  Keep cards thin, flexible, and super flat. 

NO CARDBOARD (corrugated or otherwise).  Repeat: NO CARDBOARD. 
NO thick sequins, charms, stickers or trinkets.
Nothing stiff or lumpy.  

On the back of each card, write "MMSA Blue Valentine" and include your name and contact info.  A short inspirational quote or good wish would be a nice touch to cheer the recipient. You may hand-write it, or print your message from your computer and glue or tape it to the back of your Valentine. 

Enclose a self-addressed envelope (and put your return address label in the upper left corner, too) with two Forever stamps so the host can mail 8 swapped cards to you. 

THEME:  hand-made decorated Valentines
MEDIA/TOOLS:  papers, glue, scissors, pens, pencils, blue paint 
TECHNIQUE:  Simple paper-on-paper collage
SPECIFICS:  the background is one single-layer flat piece, thin-thin-thin
SIZE PARAMETERS:  3" x 3" (no larger)
CHECKLIST:  waxed paper between cards, self-addressed envelope, postage

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