Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ornament Exchange - Send Out to Host by November 28

Here is a group Ornament Exchange.  In the past I have received a few lovely paper ornaments, some of which were enhanced with glitter, fibers or collage. 
Your Ornaments may be holiday- themed, or not:  glass-ball-ornament-shape.  A house.  A heart.  A snowman.   Anything goes.  Please thread a 5" - 6" metallic cord, string, ribbon or yarn through a small punched hole at the top of each Ornament for your recipient to make a loop for display 
but do not knot it as it adds bulk for mailing. 
(Type in an Internet search for "homemade paper Christmas ornaments photographs" to see some great ideas.)

SIZE SPECIFICATIONS:  These ornaments need to be relatively FLAT for sending through the postal system.  Let's keep each ornament's dimensions no larger than 3" x 5" so that several will fit into a 5" x 7" (or larger) mailing envelope.

origami, fabric, ribbon, fibers, sequins, stickers, decals, Tyvek, 
felt, metallic paper, paint, ink, collage, Scherenschnitte, mixed, etc.

I didn't want to squelch creativity, but- I decided to limit the number of ornaments to no more than THREE 
to help keep the bulk and thus the postage costs down.  
Over-achievers will not be reprimanded :)

Participants should send their creations in an envelope, 
also enclosing an additional large, self-addressed envelope
(plus your own return-address-label in the upper corner) 
stamped with non-machinable-rate postage
(5" x 7" or 6" x 9").


Teri said...

Can it have a base of something besides paper?

KR said...

Yes, they can be made of something other than paper but PLEASE keep them as light and as thin as possible, to go through the mail in an envelope with other ornaments. Laminated is fine... honi

Teri said...

Being mailed Friday.

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