Thursday, June 5, 2014

Artistamps - part 1

I started getting nervous that no one would want to make their own stamps.
Maybe the directions were too hard, maybe you don't care about stamps...
Silly me.
The stamps have started arriving and they are SO COOL!

Alyssa's stamps:

Anne's stamps:

Peggy's stamps:

The next three are all from Phillip:

Two designs from Tameko:

Three designs from Tina:

Aren't these fabulous?
I can't wait to see what else arrives.
You've got until June 16th to mail yours!


  1. I was wondering how many people would be up for this swap, since it is a bit more unusual than your other unusual ones.... and wow, love what everyone has been doing - they are fantastic. I am drawn to Tameko's, and Tina's rabbits are outstanding. And there's potential for more to come - hopefully this batch will inspire more people to send some in.

  2. Fabulous....I love seeing all the different styles!

  3. These are awesome! I don't think mine would reach you in time.

  4. YAAAHOOOOO!!! These are all fabulous! I'm so excited and happy that people gave it a shot - AND Boy, did they! Congratulations to everyone! Isn't it great to have little bits of your art to share? Thanks again Karen for urging us on!!

  5. I love the bunnies!!!!!, but then, I love all bunnies. Mine are done. just waiting for me to dig out the machine and perf them.

  6. It's a great idea and I'm hoping to get mine in the mail next week. Love the ones you've received.

  7. They are great -- I especially love the black and white flower artistamps....