Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cats - part 3

 It seems appropriate that my first post-vacation posting be about cats, since I am still being punished by my own kitty, Jake, for my 10 day absence.
Perhaps all this gorgeous cat art will help.

First up are two from Cara:

Here are ten from Currie:


Two from Eric:

Two from Gina:

And finally, here are nine from Joanne:
(Joanne took this opportunity to practice with a wide variety of techniques and materials.  Several of her drawings reference the work of other artists and she wanted me to be sure to give proper attribution)


(from a drawing by Lee J. Ames)
(skirt drawings inspired by Noel Chapman and Judith Cheek)
 (from a photograph by Paddy Cutts)

 How's that for some fabulous feline fun?

I'll post even more as soon as Captain Furrypants lets me get up.

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  1. He probably thinks he's helping you catch up on some rest! My cat punishes me by peeing on things...