Thursday, October 24, 2013

Altered Business Cards - part 1

I have a delightful bunch of altered business cards to show you today - but first an apology for the blurry nature of some of the pictures.
Many of these cards have lumpy embellishments so they don't lay flat on the scanner bed.  I've been holding these images for more than a week, thinking I'd be able to set up my portable photo studio and take better pictures of them with my camera, but work has been crazy and spare time is minimal.  I feel it does your beautiful work a discredit to post fuzzy pictures, but I also do you a discredit by not posting at all, so bear with me!

Now on to the art....
Eight from Cara:

Six from Carroll:

Eight from Laurie:

Three from Brooke:

Three from Julie:

Seven from Linda:

Wonderful, aren't they?
You've still got a few days to alter some business cards of your own.
You can find all the swap details here.
Get them in the mail no later than Monday, October 28th.


cjsrq said...

These are just terrific! Linda's sense of humor is great. And Cara's kitties caught my eye! Well done everyone!

Jo Murray said...

They are just great!

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