Thursday, October 24, 2013

security envelopes part 3

I absolutely loved this swap.  There is a seemingly endless variety of patterns on the inside of security envelopes, and an equally endless way to incorporate them into your art.
Thanks to everyone for sharing your creative ideas.

Here are two from Gina:

 One from JD:

Two from Judith:

Three from Julie:

Two from Laura:

Five from Linda:

Five from Rose:

Two from Susie:

Four from Terrie:

Two from Tina:

and one from Trula:

Which ones are your favorites?


big mamabird said...

OMG Laura, I can't stand how awesome your inky messy colorful one is!!

TinaW said...

These are all awesome, but the cat with the fish tank is particularly clever.

KR said...

I love them all!!! This security-envelope art is addictive!!!! smiles
Honi C.

cjsrq said...

Truly they are all great, but, the cat with the fish tank is my favorite.

cjsrq said...

Me again. I've just gone back through all the submissions and am in awe. Wouldn't it be fun to see all of them displayed in one place? Lucky Karen. Each is so different. Just amazing!

Jo Murray said...

They are all amazing.

GinaVisione said...

WOW!!! These are just fantastic :D. Judith's Are you Ready cracks me up, Love Rose's cat (cleverness agreed by three of us viewers over here in CA.), and Cristie's Cat Psychiatrist too :D

Anonymous said...

I missed this one but these are just fantastic. xox

Andria said...

So many of these are so fun, but I love, love, love the cat looking at the aquarium...SO well done!

Laura said...

Thanks so much Big Mamabird! It was fun to make.

Laura said...

I love them all but my favorites are the Macy's dress, the lion eye and the cat looking into the fishtank. Good job you guys!

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