Monday, September 2, 2013

What can you make with painted papers?

Remember the painted paper swap we did back in July?
I invited all the swappers to share pictures of what they did with the paper they received.
I don't know about you, but I've got piles and piles of beautiful painted papers, and instead of using them up, I just keep making more.
Seeing these creative uses of painted backgrounds gets me excited to raid my stash!

The paper you see below was painted by Corrine, and mailed to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth used the paper to make these two postcards:

Currie (who is in the process of packing up her studio to move and has limited access to her art supplies) took three different papers and worked her digital magic with them.

This first paper was painted by Christie

Here's how Currie used it:

This next paper was painted by Mandy:

Currie turned it into this:

The third paper is one that I painted myself:
 and here is Currie's manipulation of it.
(so cool!  I have no idea how you do that, but it looks great)

 Ellen used some of the painted papers she received in the MMSA "Put a fish on it" postcard challenge.
 This paper from Corrine....

was turned into this postcard by Ellen:

and this paper from Laurie....

was used by Ellen for two fish cards:

Leslie also used an MMSA paper for a different MMSA swap.
(great minds think alike)
She took this paper from Mandy....

and used it as the base of her mini-zine:

Lucinda said that the warm pinks in reds this paper from Joyce  reminded her of the American Southwest desert:

and so she used it as the background of this painting...

....of a Sedona, Arizona landscape

Christie received 10 different papers in the swap and from the looks of it, she used all of them!
Do you recognize yours in the bunch?  I spy my own marbled paper...

Christie used her papers for ATCs and a portfolio to hold them:

As part of the "Index card a day" challenge:

and to make a journal:

Terrie also used her papers to make a journal.  She took papers from Christie, Elizabeth, Lucinda, Trula, Laurie, Belinda and me, and made this little beauty:

Terrie's inspiration for this book came from an issue of "Pages" (a Cloth Paper Scissors special magazine).  She enjoyed making it so much, she suggested it as a future MMSA swap, and pointed me in the right direction.
So guess what?
We'll be making and swapping our own "Notched Journals"
The due date is September 30th.
Click here for details.

Meanwhile, if you made something with your MMSA painted papers and would like to share it send me some pictures and I'll post them!  (Or if you already sent me some pictures and don't see them here, it means I lost track of your email and you should send them to me again.)


  1. Hmm, I used some of the papers I received in and on my round robin journal, I will see if I kept a photo to send to you, it will probably be hard to see, since I cover a lot of my background up, if not completely, then pretty close. And now, I have no idea where they are (a box, but which?!) as the completing of my new table nears, slowly..!

  2. Fantastic all around.....I have that copy of pages, have to look up the article again. I usually hold onto those papers somehow they seem to precious to use, now I will use them ALL up. xox