Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Purple post cards part 2

More delicious purple for your viewing pleasure...

3 from Gina:

3 from Helga:

3 from Honi:

1 from Isabella:

1 from Jan:

2 from Joyce:

3 from Judith:

3 from Julie:

3 from Kathy:

4 from Laurie:


Unknown said...

Oh. My. They are all just beautiful!

Jools from N. Texas said...

I am soooo inspired! I am a total newbie here, have not yet submitted anything - thinking I need to get over my hesitation and just get CREATIVE! :-) Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful blog and website where we can trade mail art. Yahoo Groups is totally messed up (they updated everything) and I like this site that is so much more personal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will start participating, can't wait!
--Jool in North Texas

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