Monday, September 2, 2013

Notched journal swap - due September 30

 Want to make a sweet and simple journal like this one Terrie made?


It's based on an idea she saw in the most recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors "Pages" Magazine.
In the magazine, artist Wen Redmond re-purposed old greeting cards into a little booklet.  Terrie used painted papers she received in the MMSA swap.

Either way, the folded papers/cards are nested together and a little V-shaped notch is cut at the top and bottom of the spine, and a string is tied around the spine as a binding.  (the notches help hold the string in place and keep the pages in alignment).

After seeing Terrie's book and reading the magazine article, I had a go at making my own.
I chose 5 old greeting cards in various sizes, covered them with gesso, and I used my gelli plate to decorate them.

I cut my "notch" bigger than I needed to.  The book looks a little wonky when it's closed.  Oh well.
You can stack your papers any way you like, but Terrie and I both took the suggestion to put a smaller piece as the "cover" so that some of the inside pages show.

 For the purpose of the swap, you can add a little embellishment to the pages, but the idea is to provide colorful background pages that the recipient can then use as a jumping-off point, so don't make the pages too elaborate.
I added a little washi tape and some stenciled circles on my pages.

Here's another peek at Terrie's book.
(notice that her notches are more like subtle slits than the gaping triangles that I accidentally cut!)

Beautiful, no?
Don't you want to sit right down and make some?
Let's get swapping!

  • Create a notched journal using a minimum of 5 greeting cards/folded pieces of paper.  (for a minimum of 10 pages)
  • Make sure the pages are sturdy (such as card stock if you're not using greeting cards)
  • Decorate the pages anyway you wish
  • The size of the journal is up to you - no limits on your creativity!
  • Use any kind of string/twine/yard/fiber/thread to tie the pages together
  • Sign the back of your book and/or include some information about yourself for your partner
  • Feel free to make more than one.  You will get back the same number you send.
Mailing and Postage:
  • Pack your journal(s) in a sturdy/padded envelope  (I will reuse this envelope to send your book(s) back to you)
  • Include a mailing label with your address on it in the envelope 
  • Send me enough postage to mail the envelope back to you. (Get your envelope weighed before you seal it.  Whatever it costs to mail to me is how much postage you should include.  You can put stamps or cash in the envelope, or you can send me money via paypal:
Get it in the mail by September 30th
Mail it to:
Karen Isaacson
PO Box 532
Shrewsbury, MA 01545


big mamabird said...

Mm,mm another journal swap... Yay..!

Unknown said...

Love love love this idea!!!!!!! Playing!! =0D said...

That looks fabulous -- I'm inspired and think I want to play!

Leslie said...

One per customer?

Anonymous said...

Okay, gotta do this one! Thanks Terrie! xox

Unknown said...

Love it ! I think I got to find time to do this!!!

Anonymous said...

Good point, Leslie. Is there a limit as to how many we can make and send?


Karen Isaacson said...

Feel free to make more than one! and to make them any size you like. I've updated the swap details accordingly. Thanks for asking!

Linda Gibbons said...

So cool. I love learning different ways of making simple books. I spent yesterday painting papers!

GinaVisione said...

I love your gaping triangles too - your own beautiful spin on it. SO fun! looking forward to playing for at least one little cutie ~

Nancy Elmendorf Calvert said...

I plan to participate on this swap too! cute LiL books!

Parabolic Muse said...

This looks so fun! I really plan on doing this one and the folded ATC. I'm out of town for a few days, and just finished making birthday gifts, so when I regroup, I'll get started. This is a great idea.

Hope you are well!

Tricia said...

If the pages are different sizes, do you cut the notch down to the smallest one? Doesn't seem like the string would hold them together otherwise. But i don't want to do it wrong...

Karen Isaacson said...

great question, Tricia. Yes - stack your papers the way you want them, and then cut the notch so that it reaches the smallest paper in your stack. Tie your binding cord securely and the pages should all stay put. I think you're right that the book wouldn't hold together if the smallest pages weren't notched.

Cynthia said...

I am mailing mine today.

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