Monday, September 2, 2013

Currie's collage sheet challenge - part 1

 It's been a while since you've tackled a collage sheet challenge.
As always, I'm so impressed by the variety of art created from a single set of images. 
You can see Currie's original collage sheets here.

Now onto the postcards!
here's one from Eric:

and one from Jan:

Laurie send these four:

 and here are three from Leslie:

Linda sent these four:

and here are three from Peggy:

 Tameko made this one:

and of course Currie couldn't resist her own challenge, and sent in this batch of six.


Cards need to be in the mail by tomorrow (September 3rd).
I can't wait to see what else arrives!


Leslie said...

Peggy's southwest pots are marvelous, a very inventive use of the collage sheet. Also really like Eric's, looks like Ikat fabric.

karenm said...

All of them are such bright, energetic collages! Peggy's are especially magical. Thank you for posting, Karen!

TaylorMaide said...

These are fabulous!

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