Saturday, June 15, 2013

Articulated paper dolls - part 1

Some very cool paper dolls have arrived, and I hope more of you are working away at your own creations even as I write this.
The swap deadline is June 24th, and you can find the details and some tutorials here.

Currie sent two of her signature giraffes:

Jan created three superheros (and my apologies to #1 for the awkward position - she's just too long legged to fit on my scanner bed!)

Ria sent this beautiful mermaid.

What are you working on for your doll?


  1. I'm loving all those joints! Very nice! I am almost done with mine!

  2. The superheroes and mermaid are fabulously stunning, and it's so much fun to see Currie's giraffes as moveable dolls!

  3. Wow!!! These are really fabulous. Tons of talent here!!!

  4. Lots of creativity here! Mine are in the mail.