Friday, April 29, 2022

FROTTAGE TECHNIQUE: PATTERNS & TEXTURES - Post Card Swap - Postmark by May 23rd

Watercolors over crayon rubbing from air filter - hhc

 I learned a new word!  (Not to be confused with "fromage.")  An online search for "Frottage" showed some very interesting examples of this technique.

For this Post Card exchange, use the side of a partially peeled wax crayon or a charcoal pencil (or whatever works for you) to make rubbings of patterns/textures from some items around your home, your work space, or the environment.

Take a look around and really notice the patterns and textures on many surfaces.  Some obvious examples are:  pressed glassware, wicker baskets, lacy tablecloths, wire baskets, metal gratings, carved wood, etc.


Crayon rubbing of above air filter cover

Raised wall paneling textures or decorative tiles are possibilities.  And look to the art room for design sources like texture plates, sequin waste, or building supplies like hardware cloth or seam tape.

Here are some patterns I lifted onto copy paper with crayon rubbings:

Some shallow textures might require using a thinner paper like tissue paper or tracing paper (maybe Deli wrap?) instead of copy paper.

Crayon rubbing on white tissue paper over thin plastic stencil. Lifted print applied over security envelope liner pattern, plus collage
It's fine to add details with collage, rubber stamp images or other markings over your textures, but we do want to see your patterns :) 

You can use one pattern or combine several as you create 1 - 4 post cards to be exchanged with swap partners.

NOTE:  I tried pressing ink pads over the waxed designs but the strong colors overpowered the delicate designs.  However, watercolors added a pretty contrast, making a nice "background" and also fortified the papers I had used. 

On the reverse side of each card you make, please list what items or surfaces you lifted your patterns from.

Send your post cards plus sufficient loose postage. Also include self-address labels (one for each piece of art you send in).

Sample lay-out of post card back

Watercolored wax rubbings collaged
over marbleized background

Post card with collaged watercolored patterns lifted by crayon, over marbleized background

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