Thursday, July 29, 2021

ANOTHER WASHI TAPES SAMPLES EXCHANGE - Postmark by August 23rd - UPDATED- Two Changes *

Here's a quick-turn-around materials exchange that doesn't require any art.

For this swap, those who have a Washi Tape collection can wrap *4 Washi Tape strips around a plastic piece and send in to be swapped with other participants.  

One to four groupings to exchange, 

sample tape lengths approx. *6"-8" each.

Then we can look forward to another Washi-Tape-themed art exchange (either Post Cards, Artists' Trading Cards, or Artists' Trading Coins format, not determined yet) in the early fall.  

An example of One-Color-Family Tapes:

An example of Rainbow-Variety Tapes:

An example of Patterns Tapes:

or any arrangement or color combination you want to share, including thin or wide tapes, metalics, etc.
(Gold, Silver, Copper, etc.)

(We should have a "Metallics"-themed swap sometime...)

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