Monday, March 17, 2014

purple and green postcards - part 4

There's something about purple and green that makes my scanner act funny.  In general, I find the scanner keeps the colors of your art pretty true, but some of these purple and greens don't look anything like the actual cards you sent.  
They are all lovely, regardless.

Here are three from Alyssa:

Two from Barb:

Three from Bonnie Jeanne:

Four from Currie:

 Four from Ellen:

One from Eric:

Two from Gina:

One from Jan:

One from Janice:
(It's fabric and embroidered!)

 Two from Julie:

Three from Kathy:

More to follow...


Unknown said...

Me want 'em all!

And I'll be the first to sign up for "Ellen lessons." Hers are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Love all the variations of purple and green, scanner correction or not. Great batch here. xox

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