Thursday, March 13, 2014

Altered post cards - part 4

Hooray for the altered postcards.
I've still got so many to share with you!

Phillip altered these first three cards by cutting away bits of the postcard, and then gluing the cut outs to the message side of the card.
When I scanned them I didn't put anything behind them for contrast, so it's hard to see the parts that are cut away.  The first two images came from Phillip's blog- because he was smart enough to put bright blue paper below the card to highlight what has been removed:

These are Phillip's other two cut out cards (without the contrast- sorry Phillip!)

 The next ten cards are also Phillip's:

This next series is from Bonnie Jeanne, who cleverly cut apart different Harry Potter promo cards and stitched them back together in funny ways.

these next three are from Rose:

And here's one from Tammy:

These last three are from Tina:

I've still got one more big batch of cards to share with you another day.
Stay tuned!


karenm said...

These cards are beautiful! Phillip's deconstructions/reconstructions are inspirational, with such a unique approach. Bonnie Jean's cards are awesome, so raw and compelling. I like Rose's detailed eye card and thought of GinaV. Tammy's card made me smile. And Tina's cards are absolutely magical; the girl with the leaf card is stunning and so touchingly lovely. Thank you for posting these cards, Karen. They were a treat to see, especially after a very long workday with too-frosty weather.

Unknown said...

Wow - just wow! These just blew me away. Kudos to everyone.

FinnBadger said...

Thanks for your nice words, karenw.

The FrankenPotters are hilarious, and I am also drawn to the eye card.

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