Wednesday, December 4, 2013

White postcards - part 2

Here's another big batch of wonderful wintery whites.
The color is a bit off on these due to the challenges of photographing them.  They are all much whiter in person.

Gina made three prints from her beautiful original linocut:
(one pictured here)

Here's one from Jo:

and three from Joyce:

Judith sent these three:

and here are three from Julie:

Karen sent the next three:

This one is from Laura:

The next four are from Leslie:

and these five are from Linda:

Rhonda sent these three:

I'm so glad Rosalie is swapping here for the first time. She sent these two:

Sherry made this gorgeous batch of cards:

MMSA-White: Qaniq-snow that is falling 
Here are some close-ups of Sherry's cards:

These last six cards are from Terrie:


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Lorinda.C.F said...

Wow, there are some gems in here! What a particularly beautiful swap!! xx

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