Sunday, December 1, 2013

White postcards - part 1

The white postcards have been pouring in and they are gorgeous!
But here's the thing of it.
White postcards are incredibly difficult to photograph.
These pictures do NOT do them justice.
Not even remotely.

Here are three from Cara:

These next three are from Care:

Carlene sent these five:

I wish you could feel the texture on these 3 from Carroll:

The next three are from Christie:

Colleen's three cards are collaged from beautiful delicate patterned papers, are were the most challenging to photograph.  They are quite lovely in person:

I was thrilled to see these four cards from Currie - swapping again after a cross-country move.

 These two are from Cynthia:

These last four are from Ellen:

I've got lots more to share with you another day, so stay tuned!


GinaVisione said...

I feel like there is a beautiful snowfall in S.F., thankfully only on my computer screen! :D

karenm said...

Oh, how absolutely dreamy! They're shimmery and magical. Thank you for posting these, Karen, especially on a gray, brown, frosty east coast day.

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