Monday, July 2, 2012

Trash Postcards - Part 3

A big stack of "trash" postcards came today.
I love seeing the different ways people have interpreted this challenge.
You have until Saturday July 7th to mail me yours, I hope you join us!
(details on the swap are here)

The next four postcards are from Corrine

two from Nydia

 five (!) from Sherry

These are fabulous - keep them coming!


dani said...

Wow, these are all great. I love all the collage and the color blocking.

Jo Murray said...

This is such fun... what a great collection of

Sherry Harmes said...

Thanks for hosting this fun swap!!! One postcard just seemed to lead to another...and another LOL. Seriously though, it was hard to find just plain blocks of color for my "Mondrian Inspired" ones. It is so fun to see and be inspired by all the others. I love the ephemera!

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing how we all see the world with different eyes! H.aving so much of a blast getting into these creative ideas for mail. Thanks oh goddess of the mail! Happy 4th! xox

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