Thursday, January 5, 2017

What's It All About... Anyway???

Collaged Formica Sample Chips

While participants are finishing up the construction/
assembly of their pieces for the following active exchanges:
Repurposed Holiday Post Cards group swap
SWAK Artists' Trading Cards group swap, and
Make A Snowman Post Cards group swap,
all three of which should be sent during the next week, I have been giving some thought to why we participate in this group, and what we might be hoping to get out of it.  Actually, we might get out of it what we put into it.  That's the short answer.

Some just want to have fun.  And I do hope participating in this group is fun.  Others may aspire to hone their artistic skills.  The inspiration and encouragement of many here are positive bonuses.
I know, I have learned a lot from seeing others' art,
and have tried new techniques and media after seeing examples 
over the past three+ years.
Perhaps we hope to make acquaintances which might turn into friendships.  All three aspects could be combined for the overall experience.

I would like MMSA to be a (virtual) place where we will all be free to be ourselves, celebrate our uniqueness, feel safe to try new things, and be affirmed and accepted no matter what our skill level.  I think it's been happening ever since Karen started MMSA.

Self-confidence issues seem to be a common theme.  Some of us struggle with fears of being Not-Good-Enough.  But - who is the judge here?

Please allow me to share a little saying I wrote down in August 2014.  
(I'm going to share it anyway, smiles.)
To the hesitant:
You may fear that you are not
"as talented" as other artists 
whose work you admire.
That may or may not be true.
It's really quite subjective.
But you have a different set of eyes.
(Your life experience is also unique.)
So, see things your way.
Interpret what you see.
Share your one-of-a-kind art
with the world.


  1. Well said, Honi. I have learned a lot over the years in this group, and always inspired, sometimes even breathless by the cards I receive. It is an honor to receive work from others, always a joy, never a grade. And I've made a few art friends along the way!

  2. The Deseret News had an article about Brandon Mull this morning (link below). Although he's talking about fiction writing, the ideas apply as well to art:

    "When Mull spoke at a writer’s workshop as part of Salt Lake Comic Con in September, he had one central message: “Follow your passions. . . . My advice when people say they have a great thing they want to do is do it. Get really good at it. Do you love it enough to do it as a hobby? Then do it instead of watching TV.”

    “Give them you until you is what they want. Give them you because that is what’s different. Lots of people have written stories about kids and magical creatures, but they haven’t written it how I have."

  3. Dear Honi,

    I can tell you from my experience, that for new participants it will be a balm to their spirits to read it. And to know, that from the humble Mail Art Collage to the works of Monet (my personal favorite) all began as a "new" artist at one point. Thanks for sharing that with us all....Patti C