Sunday, January 1, 2017

Repetition and Variation (Post Card Swap) - Send by February 27th

Flowers , Lily Pads, Railings Repeated
Sample by Christie J

Autumn Leaves Repeated
Sample by Christie J

You may already be using repetition in your art, whenever you use multiples of a design
or shape.  In this swap Laurie is hosting, we will focus on repeating an element, or elements, on each piece  but at the same time  varying them so they are not identical.
For example, you could make several (or many) squares, triangles, or circles, yet they would be different sizes.  Or several leaves, each one of them 
different from the others.
Circle shapes repeated
Sample by Christie J

Please use at least three repetitions of at least one design element on each card you create.
You may use several different design elements as in Christie J.'s sample Bridge over Lilypads.
"Repetition" is not the same as "pattern."  
We won't be using stencils or rubber stamps for this swap.

THEME:  Any theme, your choice
TECHNIQUE:  Repeat images three or more times, but with variations
MEDIA:  Collage, paint, ink, mixed, 
but NOT digital
SIZE PARAMETERS:  Post Card 4+1/4" x 6" 
CHECKLIST:  waxed paper between cards, 
self-address labels, postage

Put your card(s) in an envelope and send by February 27th

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