Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ode to your favorite color - Mail by November 14th

Here's a wonderfully open-ended postcard swap from Beau.
Create postcards devoted to your favorite color.  You can create in any style, using any supplies and any technique.
Keep the card mostly mono-chromatic in chosen hue.
You can have some black or white, or a splash of accent color, but your work should be dominantly shades of a single color.


  1. Hi Teri...sorry, I just now (Oct. 12) saw this. Yes, sure...its fine with me if they're laminated, as long as there is postage and room for a label on the back side. I've laminated a few myself (or covered them with wide clear packing tape to hold various thicknesses of papers down). So, no problem on my end. Look forward to seeing them! Beau