Thursday, August 25, 2016

Office Supply Art - mail by November 7th

Flex your creative muscles in a swap that’s more about process, then product. Rustle up some ordinary office supplies, and see how zanily you can use them in mail art.

For example, this starts with an index card, then uses various pens and markers, an empty Scotch tape roll and stamp pad, and a paper punch. Plus, an envelope (face), a UPC code from a wrapper on a ream of printer paper (mustache), shreds from a paper shredder (glued down with a glue stick to make the fringey, 3-d hair), and the end piece of cash register tape roll (for the hairband).

The theme is open, as are the exact supplies. If someone might use them in generic, office-type work, then they are fair game. Wander through an office supply aisle in a nearby store (you’ll get lots of ideas), but avoid items that are more craft- or school-related. 

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