Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fruit Sticker postcards - due July 31st

Laurie is on board to host our next swap and she wants us to incorporate fruit stickers, like these, into our art.
Make up to four postcards using at least two of those pesky stickers which adorn your apples, bananas, cucumbers, green peppers, and so on. Techniques and mixed media of your choice are welcome: collage, paint, ink, stamp, draw, doodle…you get the idea. Use at least two fruit stickers in your art. Please, no digital postcards. 
Enclose your postcards affixed with proper postage in an envelope. Thick, stiff, oversized or undersized cards may require special postage, so please check with your post office before mailing. Include address labels for me to affix to mail others’ postcards to you. Use wax paper or deli paper to separate collaged and/or thickly painted cards so they don’t stick together during mailing. Please include your email address in the package you send me.


  1. I ( Mary Green) have not received my Fruit Sticker postcard yet. Almost two weeks :-(

  2. Hi Mary. I always tell hosts to wait two weeks after the "mail by" deadline to ensure all cards arrive. Since people had until July 31st to drop them in the mail, the swap probably hasn't been sent out yet. Keep your eyes on your mailbox and I bet you'll get something soon.