Monday, May 26, 2014

Watercolor postcards - part 5

Here are the last of the lovely watercolor cards.
This was a popular swap, with a total of 111 cards.
I hope to get them out to you in tomorrow's mail.

Three from Marge:

Four from Michelle:

Four from Nancy:

Two from Peggy:

Four from Tameko:

Four from Wendee:


Did this theme challenge you to try something new?  If you don't typically work in watercolors, what was this experience like for you?  Tell us your story!


  1. I had no idea watercolor could be so varied.

    Marge's pear is lovely, and Wendee's flowers are standouts.

  2. It's wonderful how many approaches there are to the one medium.

  3. Wendee's are outstanding! I loved this pushed me to try watercolors and flowers. Great fun!

  4. These are so bright and wonderful! Amazing all the variations in colors and hues ~

  5. Love all the variations in watercolor styles!