Monday, May 26, 2014

Inspired by....(part 3)

You've been inspired by such a wide range of artists.  It's been fun to see your spin on the classics, and it's been fun learning about artists I was unfamiliar with.

Anne's 3 cards were inspired by Matisse:

Four cards from Care were inspired by Toulouse Lautrec

Crystal was inspired by Van Gogh....

and by Wolf Kahn:

Gina's four cards were inspired by Rex Ray:

 J.D. was inspired by Stuart Davis:

 Janice was inspired by Donna Downey:

Joyce was inspired by both Edgar Degas and Georgia O'Keeffe:

Judith was inspired by Sonia Delaunay:

Karen S sent three cards inspired by Gustav Klimt:

 Karen Y sent four cards inspired by four different artists.
This one was inspired by Andy Warhol:
 This one was inspired by Australian aboriginal art:

This one was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe:

and this one was inspired by Kandinsky:

Kathy sent two cards inspired by Teesha Moore:

Laura was inspired by Charles Schulz:

Haven't seen yours yet?  Fear not.
I have lots more of these to post later in the week.

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