Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Map postcards part 4

These are the last of the map postcards.
I'm hoping to have all 107 of them sorted and mailed in the next day or two.

Four from Karen Y.

Three from Leslie:

Four from Linda:

Three from Marge:

Four from Naila:

Four from Nancy:

One from Noel:

Four from Penny:

Two from Rhonda (from Texas):

Four from Trula:


  1. Love these (even mine) Can't wait to see what wonderful cards arrive in my happy mailbox.

  2. You limited this to 4 per person, and you still received 107? That is crazy! Thanks again for taking time to document all the art and for running the show like a well-oiled Swiss watch! These all look very good, Eric's treasure map is clever.