Thursday, April 17, 2014

Transparent layers - part 3

Here's another bunch of wonderful cards using transparent layers.
I've noted (or guessed) what types of transparent things were used)

Three from Anne
(using some kind of wrapper perhaps?)

Four from Currie
(using tracing paper, vellum, tissue, scotch tape)

Four from Ellen:
(using tissue paper, cellophone & washi tape)

Two from Jenny:
(the arrows are drawn on packing tape or cellophane.  In  the second card the snail leaves a shimmer transparent trail which is impossible to see in the scan, but is very cool in real life)

Two from Joyce:
(using layers of painted wax paper)

One from Judith:
(using tissue paper and a transfer sheet)

Two from Julie:
(using decorative acetate, watercolors and foam packing materials)

One from Kaprice:
(using a dress pattern and cellophane bag)

Three from Leslie:
(using painted deli paper and packing tape transfers)

More to come!

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