Thursday, March 20, 2014

Purple and green postcards - part 5

I think this wraps it up for the purple and greens - I haven't had any new ones arrive in my mailbox since last week.
I received a total of 127 purple and green cards!

Here are three from Lynn in South Carolina:
(We now have two Lynns, spelled the same way, who both have last names starting with B, so now perhaps they will be Lynn in CT and Lynn in SC)
(welcome Lynn from SC!)

Three from Marge:

Two from Pam:

Four from Pat:

Four from Penny:

Three from Rose:

Two from Susan P:

Four from Terrie:

Two from Tricia:


  1. If we get another Lynn B from either of those two states, you will have to start issuing MMSA identification numbers.

    You could adopt the old prison-booking approach ("jail art," maybe?) and get everyone in orange jumpsuits and a "most wanted" pose holding a plaque with our assigned number. "Lynn 4101," for example, as opposed to "Lynn 4102."

    Then again, if the next newbies are people like Hortense, Mergatroid, or Beatrice, we're probably fine as is.

    [Love Terrie's first card, BTW.]

  2. That's so funny! I went practically my whole life not meeting another Lynn (spelled Lynn). Then I moved to CT and THREE of the town librarians are named Lynn. And last year another Lynn got hired where I work. (I'm known as "Lynn", and she's known as "the other Lynn".--I'm glad they went that route instead of New Lynn and Old Lynn.) :-) Lynn B from SC: we should swap!