Friday, March 21, 2014

file folder envelopes - part 3

I've got more gorgeous file folder envelopes to share with you today.

From Claudia:

from Ellen:

from Gina:

from Honi:

from Jan:

from Janice:

from Julie:

from Kara:

from Kit:

from Laura P:


FinnBadger said...

I never thought that you would receive so many file folders - pretty amazing.

I like Claudia's clever graphic design (surprise, surprise), Ellen's collage, Janice's Paris one, and all the ones with faux stamps.

Trula said...

Such a great response to this swap, and they are all so beautiful. It's hard to believe that when you first ran this swap in the beginning, you only had 8 swappers!

big mamabird said...

Cool birds, Laura P..!

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