Saturday, March 22, 2014

comment problems

Something weird is happening with the comments on this blog.
Some of them aren't showing up.

I have "comments moderation" turned on, which means I get an email every time someone comments and I then either approve the comment or mark it as spam.

Lately, I've been approving comments and they haven't been showing up.
They appear on my administrator's list of published comments, but they don't appear on the actual post where readers can see it.

This first came to my attention when Ellen kept trying to post a "thank you" on the received page.  After multiple attempts over several days, she wasn't seeing her comment, so she finally emailed me about it.

At a loss for what to do, I decided to try deleting some of the older comments (there were more than 200 comments on the "received" page).  As soon as I did this, Ellen's comment - and a bunch of others - appeared.  I don't know why this worked since according to blogger there are no limits on the number of comments a post can have.  Still, I thought the problem was solved.

Today I noticed that most new comments on the "informal mail art exchange" page are not visible.  Again - on my end I can see that they have been published, but they don't appear on the actual page.  There are only 77 comments on that page, and they are all from 2014.  I'm not going to start deleting those in the hopes new ones show up. 

I'm not sure how to fix this.  I've been googling the problem and haven't found a solution yet, but I will keep working on it.

In the meantime, I apologize if you're trying to add your address to the informal list, or trying to send a thank you to a swapper and your comment doesn't appear.
Hopefully I'll get this straightened out soon.

If anyone has had this problem or is aware of a solution please leave a comment
(comments seem to be working just fine on my newer posts)
or send me an email:


  1. What may help is resetting everything. You go to settings and turn things off and on again (or on and off) and then click on safe settings. Good luck!

  2. I have actually had the same issue with comments on my blog, but were with current posts. Sadly, I wasn't able to figure out how to get them out of limbo! I hope you have better luck :)

  3. K -- people often tell me they can't comment on my (blogger) blog and I have no idea why. I have tried figuring it out with no success. Good luck.

  4. I think this glitch underscores that no communication venue is infallible.

    It's easy to think that a comment, once submitted, will be posted without any further thought on our part, or an email sent will be received. However, we all likely have had pieces of mail art that have been delayed, frayed, or otherwise vanished, and electronic technology is no different.

    When everything works idealistically, it's great. But when it doesn't, that should just build the creative patience of society. No technology is always as amazing as we are apt to think it is.

    In other words, roll with the punches, but I'm sure the MMSA community has the brio to do just that, and emerge the better for it.

    (And I've learned to save a copy of any comment I might make. If it does vanish, then I don't have to retype it.)

  5. I would use the 'send feedback' option to describe the problem and see if Blogger will help you.

    One thing to try would be to change the date on the blog post to something more recent and see if that helps.

  6. I dunno, my blog will function just fine and then one day, some random thing happens. One day my entire reading list had disappeared ..and I added them all again and, 2 days later they disappeared again. I added them for the third time and, no problems since. Who knows?