Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Year of the horse postcards - part 2

As I'm reading your blogs and emails and comments about this challenge, it demonstrates yet again that there are horse people and non-horse people in this world.  I fall into the latter category.  I'm largely indifferent to horses, and don't find a horse prompt particularly inspiring.  It's interesting to see the response from those of you who LOVE horses, and those of you who are more like me, but decided to push through and create anyway.
Regardless of where you weigh in on the magnificent creatures, you will agree that we've got a wonderful outpouring of equine art to enjoy.
(with more to share in the days ahead)

One from Cara:

One from Carla:

Three from Christie:

Three from Cynthia:

Three from Dawn:

Four from Leslie:

Two from Meg:

Three from Terrie:

Two from Valerie:

A big welcome to our first-time swappers!  It's been so exciting to see so many new names pouring into my mailbox this month.

Whenever possible I link the artist's name to their blogs, or flickr account, or other website.  Click through and say hello and see what else they've been up to lately!  And if your name isn't linked to anything, but you'd like it to be, please send me an email so I can fix it!
(And if you don't have a web presence and have never before shared your work on the internet, then congratulations for taking the first step.)


  1. Quite a few of these would also have been perfect for the aqua + orange swap. They're all fantastic, I'm drawn to Christie's and Leslie's cards.

  2. I am somewhat neutral about horses as well even though they live right behind me....but these are some great horse images....xox

  3. I love the amazingly broad stylistic range of these cards, and thanks, Karen, for the reminder to check people's blogs, etc., if they have a link. I had forgotten about that, and needed that nudge again. Welcome to the newcomers, as well.

  4. I made some for the swap but then used them for my horsey friends, LOL. I live eat breath horses so this was up my alley even if I didn't send them :)