Saturday, May 11, 2013

Joanne's matchbox

Joanne's matchbox hints of intrigue.
First there's the writing on all four sides of the box:

Inside, two tiny portraits:

Amongst the tiny baubles are magnet poetry, repeating the words "You will" and "I do"

Perhaps this will inspire you to fill in the details of this mysterious romance!


  1. I'm thinking those magnetic words are saying "Do you? I will." These have all been such great ideas for matchboxes! I'm rather glad I didn't join this one because I never would have thought up such amazing pieces! Mine would have been very dull, but now that I've seen some great ideas... Colleen

  2. Oooh, two more good 'uns!
    I do love them,the variety is so great we should do more of these, well, I should, see where I can go with them, even though these have been a popular trade item for ever, I never did one before

  3. Very well done! So imaginative! :)

  4. How utterly charming! A key, a coin, oh so many stories within that magical box!