Friday, October 19, 2012

Sherry's duct tape journal

Here's the cover of Sherry's journal
 There's a pocket inside the front cover, and a wonderful variety of papers inside.
love that moustache!

Here's the 30 second video flip-through.

Inspiring, isn't it?


  1. Another fantastic entry to this swap. Better get my mojo on and get making. xox

  2. Awesome! I'm defiantly inspired. It's such a quick, easy binding but here proof of all the fun you can have with it.

  3. Such a fabulous book! What a treasure :)

  4. Sherry - This wonderful beauty was delivered to me, me, me in your beautiful re-used envie too!! I'm so excited to try using my first art journal EVER! Mille Grazie ~~