Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting to know you - part 4

Hey mail lovers, I need your help.
Katie made these wonderful "Getting to know you" postcards, and I didn't get them until after I'd mailed all the others out.

But they are too cool to waste.
So I want to release them to the world in the hopes that you swap lovers will send her a postcard in return.

who wants mail?


  1. It's love to swap. How should we proceed ?

  2. I'll mail you one, Carlene. Katie's address is on it.

  3. I'd love one as well, if you have any left.
    Connie Treuting

  4. I will swap with her, also. They are lovely!

  5. Replies
    1. It's yours, Debbie. But I can't find your address. My studio is a particularly bad state of disarray, and though I know I've got mail from you in here somewhere, I can't put my hands on it at the moment. Send me an email (and I'll put your address in my address book this time!)

  6. Oh these are great - really different. xox