Friday, September 28, 2012

Black and White postcards - part 5

This is shaping up to be our most popular swap yet.
I've already received 35 postcards and the deadline isn't until tomorrow.
I expect cards to be trickling in all next week.

(and would you all please call upon the gods of lost mail and do a little dance for the safe delivery of Lynn's missing black and whites?  It's been weeks since she mailed them, and she's only one state away.)

But onward to the new batch of cards!
These first two are from Barbara:

This next batch shows Carlene's signature stitched paper style.
I love her stuff.  You should check out her blog.

Here are four from Ellen, who is also a poet.
 I love the many and varied talents everyone shares in their creations.

 These next three are from Katie.
The hand-painted backgrounds give these so much depth

Now, the next three cards have a great story.
Mandy is the artist, and I had the enormous pleasure of spending a whole day making art at her house last weekend. Right before I left she remembered to hand me her postcards for the swap and find some cool stamps and address labels to go with them.  The next morning she realized she had totally forgotten to write a message on the back!  She proclaimed herself an idiot and offered to write messages on stickers and mail them to me.

Here's the funny part: I told her she was too late because I had to mail the cards that day in order to stay on schedule.  And she politely writes back saying "Isn't the deadline the 29th?" 
(now who's the idiot?)
Thank goodness she forgot to write on them, or I would have dropped the first 15 black and white cards in the mailbox on Monday and been totally surprised to see all these "late" cards pour in.
So Mandy's message stickers have now safely arrived and have been adhered to her postcards, and I reviewed my own deadlines, mailed the correct batch of cards, and held onto all the black and whites for another two weeks.

And since I found myself with all that extra time, I decided I'd make a few black and white's of my own:


  1. Oh yummy. We might have to do this black and white again. These are really spectacular. xox

  2. so many amazing cards! so glad I sent four :-)

  3. I received one of Carlene's lovely stitched postcards. Thank you!

  4. Barbara,
    I was the lucky person to get your panda card, where the panda is shown from the side. I personally love pandas, but probably most people do. At any rate, I was so happy to get this card. It is great. Thank you for swapping, Ellen