Monday, July 24, 2023


by hhc

Hello Wonderful Mail Artists, 

 I hope you are having a healthy, happy, creative summer.

Here's a challenge with just a few steps, so creating your post cards to swap should be quick and easy.

by hhc
1. Paint, ink, rubber stamp, decorate various papers like old book pages, news paper, advertising ("junk mail") or cardstock, which you can use for your backgrounds and also collage elements. (I used some Gelli Plate prints with acrylic paints on Deli Paper (translucent) for my torn layers...)

by hhc


2.  Rip or tear parts of your decorated papers into pieces with various shapes.  Rough edges are expected :)

by hhc

3.  Line them up, mix them up, weave them if you want to; overlap shapes, fold, etc.

by hhc
4Collage (glue) these shapes onto your post card background papers.

by hhc

5.  OPTIONAL:  Add details with rubber stamping or markers, etc. to finish your collaged cards' designs.

by hhc


  • You may submit as many as five Post Cards.  (You will get back the same number as you send in, each one from a different artist.) 
  • Include loose postage for each card you send in and also return address labels, please. 
Mail your PC's to your host in an envelope, and your host will mail out the swapped PC's after the swap is processed.

Sample/Template of Post Card back

If you're sending in more than one PC, please insert waxed paper or parchment between the  cards if there is a chance they might get stuck together in your envelope.  
  • Include address labels and sufficient loose postage for each card you send in.
  • Please write your return address or email address on the back of the PC in the upper left corner, so the recipient can thank you.
  • Also, kindly note the Swap Name on the back of each post card.
  • Please get your 1 - 5 post cards into the mailing system by MONDAY, August 21st.
Contact me if your mailing might arrive late.

Mail to:  
Honi C.
Post Office Box 142
Freedom, NY  14065

You can find all the postal specifications (and a handy postage calculator) here:  here:

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