Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Have The Blues? Make Some Art! Post Card Swap - Postmark By Monday, March 6th

SNOW SHADOWS 2023 - hhc
 Winter is often a time of low-energy, introspection, hunkering down, especially in the frozen North, yet the sun does shine through sometimes, and kind words and friendly gestures mean a lot.  


By the time this exchange is processed and sent out, winter should be a memory and Spring should be approaching.

Let's make some cheery post card art using various shades and tints of BLUE. 



Create and send in 1 - 4 Post Cards to be exchanged with other swappers' art. 

Use sturdy envelopes to send in your art.  Remember, these need to be able to SURVIVE going through the US Postal System.


Post Card size is 6" wide by 4+1/4" high although you may orient your post card art vertically instead of horizontally.  


If I receive Art pieces larger than that, they will  have to go out to your swap partner(s) in an envelope, or be sent unprotected with 1st Class    postage affixed. 

Thick, bulky, stiff art costs extra to mail out, as do post cards with notched or rounded corners.

ATTN:  Remember to keep the BOTTOM 1/2-inch EDGE of the back of your postcard(s) clear for Postal processing marks.

Loose postage enclosed works best for me and

please remember to send me some of your return address labels to use when I mail  your swapped art to you. 

Sample/template for back of each post card

***Get your art into the postal system by 

Monday, March 6th at the latest***


Honi C.  PO Box 142  Freedom, NY  14065

If you are running late, please email me so I can wait/watch for your art to arrive and include it in the exchange.

QUESTIONS:  s.h.greenstamps@juno

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