Thursday, January 12, 2023

MAKE-YOUR-MARK With Marking-Tools - Post Card Swap - Postmark by Monday, January 30th

by hhc
There are many traditional tools to make a mark:  pen, pencil, crayon, markers, paint brush, manufactured rubber stamps, etc.  However, there are also unconventional ways to "make your mark." 

by hhc

For this swap we will be hunting through our stash of tools (or browsing through a $ store or hardware store) looking for non-traditional ways to "make our mark" on our art.  Sometimes the most unexpected things can add visual texture to a design.

by hhc

For example, using a rubber stopper or bottle cap like a "rubber stamp.'  Bits of shredded car tire from the shoulder of the road could work in a similar way.

Carefully carving a (raw) potato to make a "stamp."

Rubber bands wrapped around an eraser or an empty paper towel tube and then inked (or touched to paint) will leave interesting trails. 

by hhc
How about Bubble Wrap?  When pressed into an ink pad or a thin coat of spread-out paint on another surface (like plastic wrap or waxed paper), it makes an interesting background pattern... Even scrunched up plastic wrap can make interesting inked- or painted-patterns. 

The above are just idea-starters.  Please list on the back of each post card you send in- what tools/materials you used to "Make Your Mark."   

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