Saturday, December 17, 2022


 Not wanting anyone to think I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs, here is a short post, just to let you know that I finally finished my three Christmas/Holiday Memories postcards.

by hhc - 2022

I mentioned in the original post that my mother would forget where she had hidden some of the Christmas presents and would be wracking her brain while we kids opened our other gifts.

by hhc - 2022
Then there was the year I decided to surprise my family with their own hand-made Christmas stockings.  Filling the stockings with chocolate Kisses and other candies, I hid them in a bottom dresser drawer.  Christmas morning I found that a mouse had eaten holes in the stockings to get to the chocolate.  Aarrrrrgh!!!

by hhc 2022
The twinkle lights are glowing outside.  Okay, time to decorate the tree.

As you prepare for the fast-approaching holidays, I wish you all Peace, Joy, Love.  Honi

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