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by hhc

 For this exchange,  participants can create 1 - 4 post cards using various mediums or techniques like collage, sketching, paint, rubber stamping, etc.  to portray holiday memories.   

I'll share three of my own memories just to get ideas started:  

Every Christmas morning while my siblings and I were opening presents from under the tree, my mother would be puzzling over the missing ones, asking herself, "Where did I hide that gift???"   Sometimes it surfaced, sometimes it didn't.  There would inevitably be the "practical" gifts like socks or undergarments.  Or school clothes.  We kids weren't as grateful as we should have been. 

by hhc

Then there was the Christmas during my teenaged years when I was recruited to help fill the stockings.  My mother had me me stuff oranges and walnuts (and socks) and candies and little gifts into long stockings like tights. We  stayed up VERY late that night.  Or should I say, early that Christmas morning.   I was SO tired.  Poor Santa Claus...

by hhc

One year I secretly made some red flannel Christmas stockings for everyone in the family, decorated them with sequins, beads and sparkle glitter, and white fake fur along the top.  Filled them with candy, especially chocolate kisses, and then hid them in a bottom dresser drawer.  On Christmas morning  I found that mice had chewed holes in the stockings.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?  

by hhc
I hope you all have a few really special holiday memories that you won't mind sharing with us.  Have fun designing your Holiday Memories post cards. 

Try to get them into the mail by Thursday December 1st at the latest.  Then I'll do what I can to get them mailed out to your swap partners in a timely manner.  Let me know if your art is going to be late and I'll make a note to watch for it to arrive.


You may send in as many as four Post Cards.  You will get back the same number you send in, each from a different artist.

Mail your PC's to your host in an envelope, and your host will mail out the swapped PC's after the swap is processed.

Include postage to cover each piece that you are receiving back.  Also send in the same number of self-address mailing labels for the swapped art coming to you.

If you are sending more than one PC, please separate your art pieces with waxed paper or Deli wrap to keep them from sticking together in the mail.

Please include your mailing address and/or email address on the back of each post card so your recipient can thank you.

Template for back of Post Card

Send your art to:  

Honi C.   PO Box 142  Freedom, NY  14065


Contact me at                          

You can find all the postal specifications 
(and a handy postage calculator) here:

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