Sunday, July 17, 2022

ANOTHER BOOKMARKS Swap - Postmark by Monday, AUGUST 8th 8-8-22

by hhc

Let's have another Bookmarks Exchange, prompted by a new viewer.  For those who still read books, or who collect books, it's fun to have a decorative bookmark to help find where one left off reading.

by hhc

A ribbon, threads, yarn, cord, tassel or string would be a nice addition at the top.

Front and back is fine, but not required.  Please put your name and contact info on the back of your tag.

by hhc

Size:  1+1/2" - 2+1/2" wide by 6" - 8" long would be good size, just so they fit into a long business mailing envelope.

by hhc

For this group mail art exchange, make five bookmarks to share.  If you use glue, sealer or decoupage, paint or ink, be sure to wrap each dry finished piece in waxed paper before mailing in to be swapped.

by hhc
Any material compatible with paper or fabric will do, but please do not use thick/3D/bulky materials or embellishments that will require extra postage to be sent out.

Participants, include

1.  a business envelope for your exchanged art to come to you.  

2.  a self-address label, and 

3.  two loose Forever stamps.

Postmark on or before Monday, AUGUST 8th.

You may send up to five bookmarks.  (You will get back the same number you send, each from a different artist)

  • Include a long business envelope self-addressed to you.  Your swap host will use this to mail your exchanged tags. 

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