Friday, May 27, 2022

MMSA TO CELEBRATE TEN (10) YEARS June 15th!!! YAY!!! -Post Card Exchange - Postmark by or before June 15th UPDATED

This may be a record, but I'm very, very glad that we are still making and sharing art and finding friendships.   Yay!

Too bad we can't have a party!!! 

Let's make up 1- 4 paper or fabric postcards with a celebratory theme to share with other participants in this swap. Any art medium and/or technique.


Anonymous said...

Ten years, wow! That's great! Honi, thank you for stepping in when Karen had to step down, and for all the time and hard work you put into MMSA to keep it interesting and moving along. You're amazing!


KR said...

Thank you for your kind words... It's the participants that make MMSA a success. Without your art, it just wouldn't be :) Hugs, Honi

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