Monday, May 16, 2022

ABOUT TREES - Post Card Swap - Postmark by Monday June 6th

Collage over tissue paper layered over collage - by hhc

Trees are wonderful plants!  So many different varieties, some flowering, some towering.  
Close-up of cherry blossoms with rubber stamped
bee image, collaged over real tree in background -
photo by hhc

Some with fruit or nuts, some with catkins or cones, others with thorns.  And for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, there are stunning colorful foliage displays to enjoy in Autumn!

Collage and Acrylic Paint Abstract - by hhc

For this exchange, feature some aspect of a tree or trees: leaves, trunks, fruits, flowers, bark, branches,
etc.  Landscapes or close-up's. Abstract, realistic or humorous.

Rubber stamped images over watercolors - by hhc

 Participants, create 1 - 5 paper or fabric post cards using any mediums and techniques, i.e collage, paint, sketch, straw-blown ink or paint, rubber stamped images, etc.  Postal size maximum 4+1/4" x 6".

Acrylic paint straw-blown - by hhc

Some of the sample collages shown here were made up from photo's I've taken in various seasons.

Real dried leaf over Autumn photo - by hhc

Please enclose loose postage for each post card you send in, as well as loose self-address labels for me to affix to the exchanged art coming to you  after the swap is wrapped up.

Funny face tree, rubberstamped snail -
photo by hhc

Thick, irregular or odd shaped, over-sized or extra thick/heavy art will require more postage. 

Your recipient will appreciate an address or email to be able to thank you.

Rubber stamp images over lovely woods clearing,
real pressed ferns in foreground - photo by hhc

Photo of Batiks fabric collage, snippets leaves, rubber stamp - by hhc

Photo's by hhc, collaged, rubber stamped birds,
real pressed ferns in foreground - by hhc

Acrylic paint, Gelli Prints - by hhc

9 rubberstamped birds over photo - by hhc

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