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Marvelous, Matchless Mini-Matchboxes - Altered/Decorated - Postmark by WEDNESDAY, April 27th

#1 by Adrienne back

 Hello Swappers,

We haven't had an Altered/Decorated Mini-Matchbox swap since September 2019.  Before that, our blogsite founder Karen Isaacson hosted one in 2013.  You can gather inspiration by doing a SEARCH for these postings on our MMSA site, also from viewing YouTube presentations and the many examples of Altered Matchboxes shown on Pinterest and YouTube.

#1 by Adrienne, front

"Thank You" to Adrienne for initiating the idea for this exchange.  She sent in the five examples shown here, to get us going.  I had forgotten how much fun (and addicting) decorating mini-matchboxes could be!  I went to the art room and started 7 of them, then filled them with trinkets and tiny treasures.

#2 by Adrienne, back

For this swap, participants will empty 1 - 5 mini-matchboxes of their wooden matches (*see CAUTION below), decorate the outsides, then decorate the insides.  Enclose bits of art, trinkets, treasures, or- create a scene.

#2 by Adrienne, front

Ideas for wrapping the outside of the box might include book text, fabric, lace, gift wrap, envelope security liner, hand-decorated papers, doilies... or you can paint your match boxes.

#3 by Adrienne, back

The push-out "drawer" could have a drawer pull made from a button, brass paper fastener, an earring, a string with a charm or beads, etc.  If you can keep the 3-D embellishments somewhat low-profile, flatter art will be easier for mailing  :)

#3 by Adrienne, front

I have purchased some light-weight brown bubble wrap mailers to use when I send out your exchanged mini-matchboxes, so participants won't have to enclose new mailers.  However, $5.00 to cover my postage costs on this end (estimated by a postal clerk) will be much appreciated.

#4 by Adrienne, back

Here's what I did:  I emptied out the matches, collaged papers onto the outer surfaces with Elmer's Glue, let dry.  Applied sealer, let dry.  Glued decorative paper inside the "drawer." Attached embellishments to the top of the closed box, using hot glue.  Filled each mini-matchbox "drawer" with fun little bits.

#4 by Adrienne,  front

You could have a theme in mind, i.e. Vintage, fairy tales, office supplies, animals, a season, a place/country, gardening, etc.  Some idea starters might include:  a shrine, a Christmas scene, pop-up's, a treasure box, a fold-out story or letter or little booklet, junk jewelry, scrapbooking findings, watch parts, etc.

#5 by Adrienne, front 

5-packs or 10-packs of these small matchboxes (2" x  1+3/8") may be available in the picnic supplies aisle at the grocery store, or at a hardware store or Dollar store.

by Honi, front

*CAUTION:  For safety the wooden matches must be removed before mailing through the postal system.  If you decide to use the matches as part of your design or as enclosures, you MUST burn the matchstick head first.  It can be quickly doused in water, then dried and painted, glued, dabbed with nail polish, covered with tiny beads, etc.

by Honi, front and drawer peek

A few more ideas:

doll house accessories, charms, sequins, beads,  vintage keys, ephemera, fishing lures, small bits of artwork, a tiny doll in a bed (mini-blanket, mini-pillow), fake bugs, coins, cancelled postage stamps, dried flowers/mini-garden of paper or silk flowers, lace, ribbons, a desert scene, seashells, tiny smooth pebbles, sea glass, etc.

by Honi, front and drawer peek

Please wrap/cushion/protect the art you send in so it won't get smooshed in transit.  :)

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