Saturday, March 26, 2022

BLUE & YELLOW TOGETHER - Post Card Swap - Postmark by Monday, April 11th

by hhc - collage over watercolors

As the mail has been coming in for some recent swaps, several Blue & Yellow post cards showed up.  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to host an exchange with those two colors. 

by hhc- rubber stamping over acrylic paints

 Participants may add small amounts of other colors or details but please make Blue & Yellow the main colors.  Your designs are entirely up to you.  Techniques and mediums can include paint, inks, collage, stencils, rubber stamps, torn papers, fabrics, etc.

by hhc - collage over watercolors:  wheat field in Ukraine


  • You may send in as many as four Post Cards.  (You should receive the same number of cards as you send in, each from a different artist.) 
Mail your PCs to your host in an envelope, and your host will mail out the exchanged PCs after the swap is processed.

by hhc - collage over alcohol inks, stencils

Please get your swap art postmarked by or before Monday, April 11th

by hhc - rubber stamps & collage over watercolors, acrylic
stencil prints

by hhc - collage over watercolors, Ukrainian wheat field

Sample template for post card backs.

by hhc  - collage over acrylic paints,
Washi Tape

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