Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Monochromatic Post Card Swap - Postmark by August 16th

Collage over Acrylic Paint - hhc

 What is your favorite color?  Some people have more than one.  The more I work with different colors, the more I really like!

We had a Monochromatic art swap posted on July 27, 2017.  A Favorite Color swap on August 25, 2016.  And a Monochromatic art swap on July 15, 2012.  Just type "COLOR" in the Search bar along the right side of the MMSA Home Page to look at some former art for ideas...

Also, you can do an online search for  "Monochromatic Art Images" in Yahoo or Google  to see what other artists have done.

You may use the same color for all of the mail art pieces you send in for this exchange,


each post card may feature a different color.

Colors of a single hue result in a "Monochromatic color" scheme.  (Reference:  Wikipedia)
Collage  and rubber stamping over paper napkin - by hhc

 It's fine to use tints and shades of the color you pick, since a post card made with, for example, just dark blue on dark blue, would not have much definition or interest for the viewer. 

Shades and tones are created when one adds gray or black (or a darker color) to the original color.  Tints result from adding white instead.  This info. may be useful for painting...  

 (Reference:  Wikipedia)

Alcohol inks - by hhc
Normally, using a small amount of another color  i.e. a complementary, contrasting, or accent color, would perk things up, but for each post card in this swap, let's try to keep the color selection focused on THE ONE COLOR FAMILY YOU CHOSE.

Tints and shades ARE allowed.  A little bit of black, white, gray may be sneaked in... 

Collage by hhc


MONOCHROMATIC Acrylic paint - hhc

(Security Envelope Patterns) Collage over Acrylic Paint - hhc

Acrylic Paint - hhc

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