Friday, May 28, 2021

Some Recent Changes

Spring 2021 - Rhododendron Blossoms - photo by hhc



Several people have expressed concern about the MailMeSomeArt group/site so I thought I should post an update.  

I just learned that Karen Isaacson, our wonderful founder/first blog administrator since 2012, recently made a change to the Home Page. She hadn't used her original MMSA group FB account in years so removed the link on our Home Page.  

 I recently noticed that the "Follow by Email" function space was missing from the right-hand side of our MMSA Home Page. I thought Karen had deleted it, but Blogger sent around a message that they were deactivating it from all accounts.  Just wanted to let people know in case they go looking for it or used to use it.  

I'm still grateful that Karen passed the baton to me in 2016, entrusting me with this group.  You may still reach her through her contact link  near the bottom/right side of the Home Page.  Or go to the CONTACT ME Tab at top of the Home Page.

Keep on making art :)  

Your MMSA Blogsite Admministrator, Honi  

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