Wednesday, February 10, 2021

SELF PORTRAIT Swap 2021 - Post Card Exchange - Postmark by March 8th

I think the first MMSA Self Portrait swap was the one hosted by our wonderful founder Karen on Tuesday August 13, 2013.   

Here's the link:

hhc - plain sketch - pencil, then pen
This is one swap theme I did not want to present because I felt like I just couldn't represent myself artistically on paper to show as an example. 

However, after a recent shampoo I looked in the mirror and thought, "Why not try?"  So, I did.  I took pencil and paper, referred to my mirror image and sketched.  I was very surprised at how well it turned out, but of course it doesn't look at all like me.  But that's the fun of it.

For this exchange, participants may make 1 - 4 representations of themselves.  You could use the mirror technique, refer to a photograph, draw/sketch, paint, assemble a collage from memory, etc.  Black and White or Colorized :)  (Stick figures anyone???  Just kidding...)

hhc - more felt markers and colored pencil

Any backgrounds or additional design elements are welcome.  (family pet wrapped around your neck?) Your representation can be realistic or humorous. Accurate or abstract.  Keep it positive.  Find something to love about yourself and share wonderful you with us.  HAVE FUN!!!

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