Monday, January 25, 2021

NEW POSTAGE RATES - January 25, 2021

 This afternoon my postal clerk gave me a copy of the new Rate Change Chart.


 Here are changes that affect our mail art the most:

Nonmachinable or 2-ounce First Class went up from 70-cents to 75-cents.

(Additional ounces went up from 15-cents to 20-cents.)

Post card stamps went up from 35-cents to 36-cents.  

Postal supplies will also cost more now.

The good news:

One-ounce First Class Letter Rate is still 55-cents each.

Your stamps that say "FOREVER" will always be good whatever the rates may be, but when you purchase additional ounce stamps, 2-ounce, or post card stamps you will  pay more than you did before.

That's All For Now...


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